Stay Fit Green Tea Ice Cream at World Tea Expo.

Stay Fit Green Tea Ice Cream was the topic of discussion with Tea Docent Nez and Janet of Isabella Catalog at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas. Stay Fit Tea is a Green Tea Powder from Japan, made from Sencha rather than Matcha. Most people don’t realize that using Sencha powder is much more convenient than Matcha. As anyone who has used Matcha knows, it clumps, it does not blend very easily. Sencha will blend much easier with any mixture. Stay Fit Tea starts out as a sweeter tea but is blended with persimmon powder to add a little more sweetness. With Matcha blends, you need to add sugar or other sweeteners to make it palatable. In this demonstration at the World Tea Expo, Stay Fit Tea is mixed with non dairy Oat Milk and put in an ice cream maker and in 2o minutes, you have a delicious non dairy ice cream, made fresh on the convention floor. Tea docent Nez explains that Stay Fit Tea can be mixed with pancakes, salad dressing and don’t forget eggs, fried green eggs. You can also make a great green tea martini.Stay Fit Green Tea Sake Martini
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