Stay Beautiful Tea debut in NYC’s Norma Kamali Wellness Cafe

New Yorkers were treated to experience a convergence of beauty and wellness from the inside out when the tea docents of The Taste of Tea demonstrated Stay Beautiful Tea at the Norma Kamali Wellness Cafe in midtown Manhattan.

Stay Beautiful Tea is on of the functional tea line called Shinwa, which in Japanese word meaning “the way of the earth in the spirit of a very long time ago,” or “the way it once was,” is pure, organic Karigane, a Japanese green tea grown in the unspoiled hills above Kyoto. High in antioxidants and the stress-relieving amino acid L-theanine, Stay Beautiful Tea has a naturally sweet taste as a beverage. But, says Donna Tokugawa, it is much more than a beverage — and demonstrates how it can be used in personal skincare regiment.

Donna explained in depth the simple yet powerful effects of Japanese green tea applied directly onto the skin.

We are excited to collaborate with Norma Kamali. She shares our passion to bring awareness to lifestyle choices that directly impact wellness. Norma has been a Japanese green tea drinker for many years and embraces sharing her knowledge with others.”

American dermatologists and scientists are beginning to understand what Asian cultures have known for centuries: Shinwa promotes beauty from within. Both a nutraceutical (a food that provides medical or health benefits) and a cosmeceutical (a topical cosmetic product, such as a lotion or oil, with medicinal benefits), Shinwa is a gluten-free, non-toxic internal and external support system for mind, body and skin.

When used as a tea, it’s antioxidants go to work scavenging free radicals, while its active polyphenols and polysaccharides help the skin absorb and retain moisture. Naturally occurring caffeine and tannins give skin a firmer appearance, while the L-theanine promotes relaxation and greater mental clarity. But Shinwa can also be steeped in room-temperature water for just three minutes and then used as a toner or facial mask — making it perhaps the simplest, most versatile wellness and beauty product on the planet.

Shinwa has no preservatives or additives. Green tea helps stabilize collagen and elastin, reduces inflammation, regulates the immune system and promotes enzymatic activity within the body. Consumers can steep just the amount they plan to drink or use, making Shinwa a zero-waste product.

“Norma Kamali’s Wellness Cafe is rooted in products that work,” stated Donna Tokugawa of Chado-En. “She has a passion for floral Mediterranean olive oils, Horst Rechelbacher’s Intelligent Nutrients products, and now Shinwa Japanese green tea. The founders behind each of these brands truly live their brands. It is not just business for any of us. I believe this convergence of passions has the power to affect the world positively.”

Read what a New York blogger Kathy, “it a glam thing” had to say about her experience with Stay Beautiful.

Norma Kamali Well-Ness Cafe
Norma Kamali Well-Ness Cafe
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