“A Touch of Zen: Tang Poems and Interpretations of Ancient Melodies” . . .

A concert featuring recent compositions and improvisations of music from the Tang Dynasty (600 BC) accompanied by Tang Poetry. The music is soulful and conducive to providing a “meditative mood” for the audience in the tranquil Japanese Garden in Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary.  Weishan Liu is one of the world’s leading gu-zheng virtuosos. She was the Guzheng Soloist with the Central Music and Dance Assemble in Beijing before coming to the United States. She toured around the world and performed for major heads of states in different countries, including President Jimmy Carter. Since coming to the U.S., Ms. Liu has collaborated with musicians here such as George Winston and made several recordings. Her music is deeply expressive, and combines deep feelings, strength, heart, emotion, experience, and wisdom. Anna Wong is a clinical psychologist and has been studying with Ms. Weishan Liu for the past 30 years. Anna has been collaborating and performing with Ms. Weishan Liu the past few years.

Chef Kristopher Kolkema
Chef Kristopher Kolkema is Amazing!


Michael Stusser Founder
Michael Stusser Founder

Osmosis began when its founder, Michael Stusser. . .

had his own life-changing healing and spiritual experience in Japan, which convinced him that it was his mission to offer the treatments in this country in a beautiful Japanese-style environment. Osmosis, which began very humbly in 1985 in a small backyard facility made from a recycled chicken coop, is now a spacious structure surrounded by exquisite Japanese gardens. The full service spa also currently offers a wide range of treatments in addition to its signature cedar enzyme baths. www.osmosis.com Read the whole story here.

a touch of zen osmosis day spa sanctuary
A Touch of Zen at Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary

 2004 Osmosis and the Tea Docents began their own Special Journey Together. . .

Nez and Donna Tokugawa had been guests at the Sanctuary since 2000 and after founding Chado-En tea company, aspired to have Osmosis offer our teas. We had an appointment with the then buyer and we were busy tasting, showing, serving all kinds of Japanese Teas as well as more main stream teas. Then suddenly the Magic occurred …Michael walked in to the sitting area,  drawn by the aroma, asked for a taste, closed his eyes and said “I feel as though I am in Kyoto – we must have this tea”. That was a wonderful day and since then management has evolved Osmosis into what it is today…nothing short of Extraordinary! There are many day spas in Northern Ca but only One Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary.

28 years after the first guest. . .

Osmosis owner Michael Stusser has just introduced “Spa Without Walls”

an outdoor spa ritual set in the creekside Japanese gardens. All through the summer, guests can participate in a daylong package of activities focused on health and wellness, and designed to create enjoyment and healing through communion with nature. The new package takes the spa “out of the box,” said Stusser and into the Kyoto-style meditation garden, a wild riparian area, a field of hammocks, and massage pagodas scattered inside peaceful woodland crisscrossed by babbling creeks. Read more

It is with much Gratitude the Tea Docents are able to call Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary our First and longest operating Retreat. We value the relationships we have developed over the years and continue to enjoy new friends and being a small part of the very special,  authentic work being done at Osmosis Sanctuary. It quite simply changes lives!                                                        Have you visited yet?  If not What are you waiting for?

Kritis Johnson and Michael Stusser Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary team
Kritis Johnson and Michael Stusser Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary team
The Way of Japanese Tea
The Way of Japanese Tea Harmony, Respect, Purity, Tranquility



Osmosis sanctuary managed by Kirtis Johnson
Many more Exciting Events yet to come this year!                                     Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary 





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