Little Known Oakland Underground Scene, Dinner and Music.


Dinner and Music Hosted by Philip Gelb.

Philip is a Vegan Chef, Musician and a Teacher.

He hosts a monthly “DINNER AND MUSIC” event in which he prepares all vegan cuisine and invites a special guest musician to provide the entertainment. Check his web site for more information. In this event, he prepared every dish with a tea that we provided him with. AWESOME.

Menu for the Evening.

Shoko and Phil co-founded the group, “Natto” several years ago which has released 2 highly acclaimed CDs and toured in the States and Japan.


First Course

Karigane Tea in Stem As the guests enter,
they are greeted with cold infused Karigane Cha from Kyoto served in a Tempered Wine Stem.
Genmaicha Ochazuke Tea and rice soup,
Ochazuke (genmaicha green tea) paired with a cold infused Kyoto Bancha.

Salad paired with tea

Salad Salad,
Cucumber wrapped in daikon slices with fried oolong tea leaves and apricot sauce.
Sakura Shiso Tea Paired Tea,
Sakura/Aojiso/Gold Leaf tea (yeah, there really are gold flecks in this tea!)

Entree paired with tea

Vegan Entree
Green tea noodles (matcha) fried tofu balls stuffed with lotus root, carrot, sesame seed, ginger, basil with an oolong-walnut sauce daikon pickled with Shincha and cherry blossoms with a side of gyokuro tea leaves with shoyu.
Oriental Beauty Tea Paired Tea
An Oolong from Taiwan called Oriental Beauty

Live Koto Music

Live Koto Music Shoko Hikage, originally from Akita Japan, grew up playing koto. After College, studied with the great avant garde koto masters, Kazue and Tadao Sawai. Guests Listening to Music

The Finale

Thanks Philip

Matcha 3 way desert Dessert
Matcha 3 ways
matcha cake w/ maple matcha ice cream and matcha covered raspberries
Paired Tea
Premium Blooming Tea served in a Tempered Wine Stem.
Philip Gelb

Anyone who has attended his “Dinner and Music” event, please share your experience.


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