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Nijo Castle, Osaka

“The Castle where it all happens ” Our first stop was a perfect introduction to Japan’s rich history. It's everything you would imagine of a 400 year old castle; a moat, stonewalls, watchtowers, beautiful gardens, and sprawling palace. Yet each castle has its own unique...

San Francisco to Dali via Beijing/Kunming

We begin our journey in business class on Air China. This is an Star Alliance partner with United, the carrier we most often use, but this time the schedule with Air China and the connections we needed to make was going to save us...

Visit to Coedo Brewery

We were invited by Mr. Kohei Harada, head of foreign distribution for Coedo Brewery in Saitama (30 min. north of Tokyo by train). It was a Sunday morning and the brewery was closed so he picked us up at the train station. We drove...

An Article from the Journal of Immunology

For who is really interested in the nuts and bolts of how benifuki tea works to reduce inflammation in the body, this article should make it perfectly clear. First published in April of 2004 has resurfaced again due to importance of the subject matter. Title is...

Lijiang, China

Here you can see some of the actual hotel roof tops with the amazing Snow Mountain in the background. The other side of this mountain is where the dramatic Tiger Leaping Gorge and Yangzi rapids cut through the Hengduan Mountains. The images painted on this...

Buddha In The Sky

ryozen kannon
Kyoto, Ryozen Kannon -She was unveiled shortly after World War II to commemorate and honor BOTH Japanese and Foreign fallen soldiers, this site has a shrine underneath the statue, a mausoleum and memorial hall.

2020 Japan Adventure

group at kodaiji temple
Beginning of our 2020 adventure to various regions to explore what makes Japan uniquely Japanese.

Green Tea effect on Down Syndrome

Green tea in pot
Green tea seen boosting cognitive ability of people with Down syndrome. PARIS – A chemical in green tea has been shown to improve cognitive ability in people with Down syndrome, scientists and doctors said Tuesday. In a year-long clinical trial, the treatment led to improved...

Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Tea Exporter Association Video Japanese Green Tea processing is unique in the industry. The Japanese Tea Exporter Association created a video to promote Japanese green tea for the European market. They asked us to narrated it in English.  We translated the script and taped...

Plight of Assam Tea Workers

Assam Toilet
The horrible conditions which exist the tea estates of Assam is revealed in a recent documentary from BBC. The bitter story behind the UK's national drink By Justin Rowlatt and Jane DeithBBC, Assam Several of Britain's biggest tea brands, including PG Tips, Tetleys and Twinings, have said...