The Taste of Tea and Pure Food


The Taste of Tea Docents gather with 20,000 plus Pure Food Enthusiasts

For what is being called the largest gathering in Pure Food history as well as the “World’s Fair of Pure Food“. The Taste of Tea was sampled by more than 2,000 visitors while Tea Docents lead discussions, provided unique tea treatments and shared lifestyle guidance over 3 busy days.  2013 was the 3rd annual Heirloom Exposition packed full of more than 3,000 varieties of Heirloom produce and livestock, 300 pure food vendors and 100 plus speakers. The air was filled with wisdom as anti-GMO activism spread and a feeling of hope blossomed as people began to take control equipped with the knowledge on how to vote with their dollars and choices to change the direction of Monsanto and others who wish to engage in genetic roulette and gamble with our lives. The Taste of Tea is a line of teas sourced by Tea Docents who believe all things are connected so we partner with farmers and producers who share our values and are guided by a deep respect for our planet, valuing people before profits. We were so very inspired to see so much important work being doing by so many passionate, informed and knowledgeable people.  Many brands making the choices to simply “do the right thing” and others with no products at all simply dedicating time, energy and enthusiasm to help make a difference. This was our first year exhibiting and we were so humbled to serve visitors at The Taste of Tea booth from, Africa, Peru, Canada, Mexico, England as well as many out-of-state Americans. Billed as a National event, I can honestly say the Heirloom Exposition is truly an International event!

Visit the website for Heirloom Expo  to see all of the speakers and companies who participated as well as make plans to attend September 2014. There were many people explaining the dangers of GMO’s and what to do. We purchased the DVD produced by Responsible Technology  and if you visit that site you can download a free non-GMO shopping guide. The Taste of Tea offers ONLY non-GMO and mostly Gluten Free Teas, which are all clearly labeled. We have certified and non-certified organics as well as blends which are created using the highest quality raw materials from around the world tested, controlled and blended in Germany. Compliance with EU standards means every tea is certified to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) ensuring a high level of food safety. If you would like to try some of the teas we sampled visit The Taste of Tea and use promo code Heirloom before 12/31/2013 to receive a 20% discount on your tea purchase as our way of introducing you to the taste of tea, selected by Tea Docents who know the source, pay fairly and generously support non-profits focused on wellness through education and leadership.

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