Green Tea Cake Recipe

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Green Tea Cake


Green Tea Cake is fast, easy and oh So Delicious!

Here is what you will need and how to make it.

Green Tea Cake Ingredients

6 large eggs
3.5 oz flour
1/5 cup of olive oil
1/6 cup of milk
4 sticks of Stay Fit Green Tea Powder

 Cream Filling Ingredients

1 3/5 cup heavy whipping cream
2 sticks of Stay Fit Green Tea Powder (reserving a small amount to later dust the finished cake)

 Cooking directions

Put the eggs in a bowl, whip with whisk until it foams well.

Sift the flour and Green Tea Powder together.

Mix them gently into the sugar and egg mixture.

Mix in the olive oil and milk.

Place parchment paper on a baking sheet. (approx. 24 x 16) Pour dough flat onto the pan.

Bake for about 8 min. in 350 degree oven.

Let cool.

Lets make the cream filling.

Mix whipping cream and Green Tea Powder in a bowl with whisk until firm.

Spread the cream filling over the cake and carefully roll up the cake. Take remaining Stay Fit Powdered not used in the filling and use it to dust the finished cake. You can do this easily by using a tea drainer and simply shaking the tea onto the cake.

Tea Strainer


Stay Fit Green Tea Powder is made from Sencha and persimmon powder so it contains no additional sugar. The sweetness comes from the persimmon as well as Sencha is naturally sweeter compared to Matcha.  This cake could be and often is made using Matcha and sugar. Both Sencha and Matcha powders used in recipes means you are getting all the benefits of the tea leaf, some of which are not water soluble such as Vitamin E, however when you use any powdered tea instead of steeped tea 100% of all the content is going into your recipes.


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