Friday, April 19, 2024

ryozen kannon

Buddha In The Sky

Kyoto, Ryozen Kannon -She was unveiled shortly after World War II to commemorate and honor BOTH Japanese and Foreign fallen soldiers, this site has a shrine underneath the statue, a mausoleum and memorial hall.

Lijiang, China

Here you can see some of the actual hotel roof tops with the amazing Snow Mountain in the background. The other side of this...
group at kodaiji temple

2020 Japan Adventure

Beginning of our 2020 adventure to various regions to explore what makes Japan uniquely Japanese.

The Old Village and New Town of Dali

The Ancient Villages of Dali are home to many distinctive ethic groups. In this autonomous region Bai People have lived and created traditional folk...

THE drive along Ancient Tea Horse Trail

You know how some descriptions just give you a mental image of what you think you are going towards experience? Well that was the...