Friday, April 19, 2024

Lijiang, China

Here you can see some of the actual hotel roof tops with the amazing Snow Mountain in the background. The other side of this...

A must see Tea Shop in Lijiang, China

Eight Horses Tea Shop. The biggest and the oldest tea shop in Lijiang, since 1736. It located on the busy intersection at the main entry...

The Old Village and New Town of Dali

The Ancient Villages of Dali are home to many distinctive ethic groups. In this autonomous region Bai People have lived and created traditional folk...
Puer Festival

13th Puer Festival/International Tea Convention

13th Puer Festival and 2013 International Tea Convention If you have never experienced an international event in China, this is how it feels.  You are...

Ancient writings of China’s Naxi Minority

Naxi minority writings on the wall. While touring through old town of Lijiang, we came upon a wall with various Naxi hieroglyphics. Not so odd...