2020 Japan Adventure

group at kodaiji temple

As many of you know, we spend a lot of time in Japan exploring various area in search things that make Japan uniquely Japanese. (what does that mean?) You know what I mean. We would focus on regional specialities, old traditional methods and practices past on for generations, old temples and shrines. But on this trip, the focus was totally different.

Our plans included having our daughter Tai, her husband Kris, our chef Vince and his girl friend Lauren join us in Kyoto for 11 days. Our goal was to immerse them into the taste of Japan. Give them some idea of why we do things a certain way in our restaurant. Get them to recognize what is Japanese and what is not. Very hard for anyone who has never been to Japan. 

Since many of our guests have asked me about the details of this trip, and we can’t all met at the restaurant have a party, I’ve decided to do it in a form of a blog. In the articles to follow, I will have each of the my group to describe a particular event of the trip and what they learned from it. So look for notification of new entries. 

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