2HJ – 300 Food Packages Every Week for Evacuees


Update on Second Harvest Japan -2HJ support

Second Harvest Japan (2HJ) has started sending food packages to people in Minami Sanriku since June. In this project, our volunteers make some 300 food packages at 2HJ’s Tokyo office every Thursday. 2HJ distributes the packages to about 1,400 households living in temporary houses through a volunteer group in Minami Sanriku. A typical package contains items like rice, miso, soy sauce, condiments, dried food, and snacks. To see the places to which the group distributes the food, I, as a volunteer coordinator, visited the site and helped with the distribution of food packages to temporary houses on July 15 2011.

Second Harvest Japan is the nation’s first food bank. . .

In case you missed it previously this is who 2hJ is and what they are all about.

Now we are calling for monetary donations for the Japan’s earthquake disaster relief. Your donations will help us distribute food to the disaster victims in Japan.

Second Harvest Japan is a national network of food bank organizations. We distribute food to soup kitchens, orphanages, the elderly, emergency shelters, single mothers, the homeless, migrant workers, and many others.

Second Harvest Japan needs your help to provide support needed by people in the affected areas. This disaster relief will be a long time effort. Please help us provide necessary support to the affected people. Your generous donations will help those people. Thank you very much for your help!

Tea Docents are supporting 2HJ in several ways including our Help Japan Blossom Promotion, please take a look and help us help.

To continue to follow the support of 2HJ you can follow directly by connecting with them at Second Harvest Japan Blog


Progress is slow but continues
Progress is slow but continues
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