Friday, April 19, 2024

Green tea in pot

Green Tea effect on Down Syndrome

Green tea seen boosting cognitive ability of people with Down syndrome. PARIS – A chemical in green tea has been shown to improve cognitive ability...

Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Tea Exporter Association Video Japanese Green Tea processing is unique in the industry. The Japanese Tea Exporter Association created a video to promote Japanese...

A Touch of Zen at Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary

“A Touch of Zen: Tang Poems and Interpretations of Ancient Melodies” . . . A concert featuring recent compositions and improvisations of music from the Tang...

Tea Growing Regions of Japan

Tea Growing Regions of Japan. Tea is grown almost everywhere in Japan Commercially and privately. What is presented on this video are some of the...
Norma Kamali Well-ness Cafe

Stay Beautiful Tea Debut at Norma Kamali’s Wellness Cafe NYC

Stay Beautiful Tea debut in NYC’s Norma Kamali Wellness Cafe New Yorkers were treated to experience a convergence of beauty and wellness from the inside...

Annual Blessing of the Tea in Kyoto

Ancient Shinto ceremony to bless the tea harvest held each year at Kitano Tenman-gu, Kyoto.  This shrine was built in 947 and has become...

Wagashi-The Art of Japanes Tea Cakes

Wagashi - Japanese Green Tea Cakes. Tradition in Japan is to always serve tea cakes whenever offering tea to guest. A whole art form developed...

Stay Beautiful FunctionalTea

Stay Beautiful Functional Teas Tea Docent Says  Stay Beautiful Functional Tea, a Japanese Green Tea..."You deserve it! Daily luxurious tea rituals - used on your skin...
matcha roll cake

Green Tea Cake Recipe

  Green Tea Cake is fast, easy and oh So Delicious! Here is what you will need and how to make it. Green Tea Cake Ingredients 6 large...
the taste of tea incense

Listening to Incense with Extraordinary Women

The art of listening to incense was shared in an afternoon retreat of extraordinary women in Sebastopol CA. Held once a month under the...