New research conclude Green Tea is good for mental health


the working brainGreen Tea good for mental health.

Researchers in Switzerland conclude that drinking green tea can have positive effects on your mental health. After a double blind test using 12 volunteers, a group given milk with green tea extract and another without. The group with green tea extract had increase working memory. There are many charts and MRI images presented in this article for anyone who is into that kind of thing. We have always known how we feel as a result of a tea lifestyle. But if you need some medical evidence, this is a quote from the article.


Green tea extract increased the working memory induced modulation of connectivity from the right superior parietal lobule to the middle frontal gyrus. Notably, the magnitude of green tea induced increase in parieto-frontal connectivity positively correlated with improvement in task performance.


Our findings provide first evidence for the putative beneficial effect of green tea on cognitive functioning, in particular, on working memory processing at the neural system level by suggesting changes in short-term plasticity of parieto-frontal brain connections. Modeling effective connectivity among frontal and parietal brain regions during working memory processing might help to assess the efficacy of green tea for the treatment of cognitive impairments in psychiatric disorders such as dementia.
Read the entire article from the March issue of Psychopharmacology

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