Monday, October 18, 2021

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The Taste of Tea and Pure Food

Pumpkin tower at Heiroom
The Taste of Tea Docents gather with 20,000 plus Pure Food Enthusiasts For what is being called the largest gathering in Pure Food history as well as the "World's Fair of Pure Food". The Taste of Tea was sampled by more than 2,000 visitors while...

Listening to Incense with Extraordinary Women

the taste of tea incense
The art of listening to incense was shared in an afternoon retreat of extraordinary women in Sebastopol CA. Held once a month under the guidance of Aimee Lyndon-Adams and Karen Halseth the pair promises an experience packed full of passion, compassion and wisdom saying...

A Touch of Zen at Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary

“A Touch of Zen: Tang Poems and Interpretations of Ancient Melodies” . . . A concert featuring recent compositions and improvisations of music from the Tang Dynasty (600 BC) accompanied by Tang Poetry. The music is soulful and conducive to providing a “meditative mood” for the...

Healing Tea

Japanese Green Tea
Wonder Plant and Restorative Beverage of the Ages Healing Tea is an ancient beverage steeped in culture and romance. Each day more than a billion cups of tea are consumed making it second only to water. In A.D 780 the famous Tea Master Lu Yu...

How a Chinese Silk Tea Bag Changed the World

tea bag
Once Upon a Tea Time An unknown Chinese Tea Exporter sent a tiny silk bag containing a sample of tea leaves to the New York coffee merchant Thomas Sullivan, in hopes of finding a new market for his tea.  Perhaps Sullivan was unsure of just...

What value is a tea leaf after a cup of tea?

tea leaf
Have you ever thought about the value of a tea leaf after you have enjoyed your cup of tea? Turns out a tea leaf's value is just beginning! Try some of these practices to extract even more great benefits from you leaves. In the kitchen:   Place...

Japanese Tea Inspired Poetry

  Japanese Tea Inspired Poetry in Shizuoka where Tea is more than a beverage. Here in the home of Mr. Maejima-san who is a 3rd generation Tea Master and also a Gyokuro Tea Farmer and Producer who has won many top awards has a 4 foot...

Does Fair Trade change the wage of a tea picker?

How poverty wages for tea pickers fuel India's trade in child slavery That was the headline of The Guardian's article 20 July 2013. What followed was an in depth review of the world famous Assam tea grown primarily in the Lakhimpur District of India. Tea grown,...

Stay Fit Green Tea Ice Cream at WTE

Stay Fit Green Tea Ice Cream at World Tea Expo. Stay Fit Green Tea Ice Cream was the topic of discussion with Tea Docent Nez and Janet of Isabella Catalog at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas. Stay Fit Tea is a Green Tea...

Ancient writings of China’s Naxi Minority

Naxi minority writings on the wall. While touring through old town of Lijiang, we came upon a wall with various Naxi hieroglyphics. Not so odd since the Naxi minority is the majority in Lijiang. Our guide "Woo", part Naxi himself, explains some of its meanings....