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6 Wellness Spa Teas that make you happy

Wellness Spa Tea
Wellness Spa Teas are special blends inspired by Tea Docents. Each has roots of the highest quality raw materials from around the world, tested controlled and blended in Germany.   Deep Healing The healing power of red cranberries in luscious synergy with the regulating magic of black...

Green tea protects against Alzheimer’s Disease

Tea Leaf
How green tea protects against Alzheimer's Disease. Published in July issue of Life Extension Recent developments have uncovered one of green tea’s most exciting benefits discovered to date: its potential to prevent and possibly reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia. Alzheimer’s...

8 Functional Teas You Need For a Happy Life

Functional Teas
What are Functional Teas and what makes them different from any other teas or herbal tisane?  Functional Teas go beyond the pleasure and benefits of simply enjoying a nice cup of tea. They are specific Japanese cultivars of the Camellia sinensis plant combined with unique...

New research conclude Green Tea is good for mental health

the working brain
Green Tea good for mental health. Researchers in Switzerland conclude that drinking green tea can have positive effects on your mental health. After a double blind test using 12 volunteers, a group given milk with green tea extract and another without. The group with green...

Annual Blessing of the Tea in Kyoto

Ancient Shinto ceremony to bless the tea harvest held each year at Kitano Tenman-gu, Kyoto.  This shrine was built in 947 and has become the shrine that the Japanese students go to to pray for good test scores. Each year, many of the tea...

13th Puer Festival/International Tea Convention

Puer Festival
13th Puer Festival and 2013 International Tea Convention If you have never experienced an international event in China, this is how it feels.  You are treated to the best that China has to offer. From the time we landed in Simao (Puer) Airport, we were...

Solving the Mystery to Enjoying Japanese Green Tea

Mystery to enjoying Japanese Green Tea. Many Americans don't like Japanese Green tea. I believe this is due to lack of knowledge about the tea. They are so accustom to black tea or herbal teas that they just over cook the delicate leaves...

Stay Beautiful Tea Debut at Norma Kamali’s Wellness Cafe NYC

Norma Kamali Well-ness Cafe
Stay Beautiful Tea debut in NYC’s Norma Kamali Wellness Cafe New Yorkers were treated to experience a convergence of beauty and wellness from the inside out when the tea docents of The Taste of Tea demonstrated Stay Beautiful Tea at the Norma Kamali Wellness Cafe...

The Taste of Tea and Pure Food

Pumpkin tower at Heiroom
The Taste of Tea Docents gather with 20,000 plus Pure Food Enthusiasts For what is being called the largest gathering in Pure Food history as well as the "World's Fair of Pure Food". The Taste of Tea was sampled by more than 2,000 visitors while...

Listening to Incense with Extraordinary Women

the taste of tea incense
The art of listening to incense was shared in an afternoon retreat of extraordinary women in Sebastopol CA. Held once a month under the guidance of Aimee Lyndon-Adams and Karen Halseth the pair promises an experience packed full of passion, compassion and wisdom saying...