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6 Wellness Spa Teas that make you happy

Wellness Spa Teas are special blends inspired by Tea Docents. Each has roots of the highest quality raw materials from around the world, tested controlled and blended in Germany.

Wellness Spa Tea
Deep Healing Wellness Spa Tea
Wellness Spa Tea
Inhale Exhale Wellness Spa Tea


Deep Healing The healing power of red cranberries in luscious synergy with the regulating magic of black tea.      Share your experiences with other wellness spa tea lovers at Google+






Inhale Exhale  Breathe in sweet rose and peach, exhale depression or anxiety. See more wellness spa tea at Google+




Wellness Spa Tea Long Life
Long Life Wellness Spa Tea
Wellness Spa Tea Perfect Harmony
Perfect Harmony Wellness Spa Tea



Long Life Green-tea-Oolong is a succulent peach immortality elixir. Sophisticated blend of sweet succulent peach, red currants and richly complex Oolong and crisp green tea. Share with other wellness spa tea lovers at Google+






Perfect Harmony Jasmine-Rose soothing jasmine relaxes you as romantic rose kindles sexual desire while black and green teas work their magic on your immune system. Sunflowers shine through in the wellness spa tea tune. Spread the harmony at Google+ 

Pure Delight Wellness Spa Tea
Pure Delight Wellness Spa Tea




Pure Delight Delicate white tea and healing freen blend with anti-inflammatory, detoxifying rose petals and spiritually regenerating blue mallow in a spectrum of peaceful tea colors. Soft, sophisticated aroma is Pure Delight a wellness spa tea for the mind, body and spirit. Share your comments on Google+





Shaman Spirit Wellness Spa Tea
Shaman Spirit Wellness Spa Tea


Shaman Spirit Soothing swirls of vanilla helps slow down the world when it’s turning too fast. Shaman Spirit wellness spa tea may calm queasy stomachs and enhance weight loss and immunity, promoting a grounded, balanced foundation to the modern lifestyle. Each satisfying cup awakens the deep healing and infinite wisdom within. We would love to hear from you on Google+


Tea Docents offer professional training to Spa and Wellness Centers to adopt these sophisticated blends into your sanctuary. Bulk Tea is available for service supported by retail packaging to ensure each guest leaves just a little happier after all of your healing grounding treatments. visit Chado-En to learn more about wholesale opportunities.



Wellness Spa Teas
Wellness Spa Teas www.thetasteoftea.com 

By Donna Tokugawa

Green tea protects against Alzheimer’s Disease

Tea Leaf

How green tea protects against Alzheimer’s Disease.

Published in July issue of Life Extension

Recent developments have uncovered one of green tea’s most exciting benefits discovered to date: its potential to prevent and possibly reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia. Alzheimer’s disease occurs as a result of your brain cells being impaired, and eventually killed. This is partially caused by the buildup of toxic protein fragments called amyloid-beta.

Green tea gets to the root of Alzheimer’s Disease by three distinct mechanisms: preventing the formation of amyloid plaques, breaking down existing plaques, and creating critical new neurons in the brain.

As a result, green tea consumption has now been associated with a 54% reduction in the risk of developing cognitive decline. And now, in an exciting development, scientists have used neuroimaging scanning for the first time in a human clinical setting to demonstrate that green tea extract boosts activity in an area of the brain specifically used for working memory.Read the entire article.

Here is a related post we posted a few months ago.  Read about it here.

We can recommend a great green tea which is especially good for neurological health. Check out our Stay Focus Functional tea.

8 Functional Teas You Need For a Happy Life

What are Functional Teas and what makes them different from any other teas or herbal tisane

Functional Teas go beyond the pleasure and benefits of simply enjoying a nice cup of tea. They are specific Japanese cultivars of the Camellia sinensis plant combined with unique processing methods resulting in a finished tea with attributes which may affect your healthy happy life. 

Functional Teas
Functional Teas Shinwa Japanese Green Tea…more than a beverage

Just as all wine comes from the grape, all tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant and likewise with wine, the Terroir, garden care and processing into the finished product differs widely around the world. The World Green Tea Association has done several studies on the Physiological Function of Japanese Green Tea components which are published on their sie and helps us understand just why Functional Teas from Japan are as captivating and mysterious as Japan herself.

Shinwa – a Japanese word that means the way of the earth in the “spirit” of a very long time ago or the way it once was.  Shinwa Japanese Green Tea. . . more than a beverage is a brand name for Functional Teas. Now let’s explore the 8 You Need!

Stay Balanced Functional Tea
Stay Balanced Tea

Stay Balanced – Summer and Autumn tea leaf is lower in caffeine and higher in polysaccharides compared to spring tea. Complex and smooth taste fosters energy flow and peace of mind. Balance evens our your highs and lows, working to control sugar and blood pressure levels. Maintaining a balanced body helps prevent serious illness and supports a healthy mind.

Stay Beautiful Functional Tea
Stay Beautiful Tea

 Stay Beautiful – Enhance the health and beauty of the skin on your face, hands and feet. Your internal health and serenity will benefit too. Powerful Cosmeceutical  anti-oxidants bathe your skin while your entire body is infused with the Nutraceutical benefits of drinking organic Japanese green tea. Functional Teas used both as a beverage and topically help you stay beautiful from the inside out and outside in. Stay Focused is the same tea but without the facial masks.

Stay Calm Functional Tea
  Stay Calm Tea

Stay Calm -When you quiet the mind you can hear the world. rich in GABA short for Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid which is an amino acid, Japanese researchers, while working to find ways to maintain freshness in Super Foods by processing in nitrogen-rich environments, also discovered Functional Teas.  The magic of GABA is in its ability to serve to inhibit the firing of neurons in the brain. This function results in messages going to the brain, heart, lungs and other vital organs to “slow down”, stress less, and stay younger longer.

Stay Clear Functional Tea
Stay Clear Tea

Stay Clear – Changes of season can bring itchy eyes and runny noses. Natural relief from the organic garden is the promise made by Benifuuki Functional Tea. Packaged in convenient single serving powder, you are able to simply add water and experience the magic of Function Teas.

Stay Energized Functional Tea Matcha
Stay Energized Matcha

Stay Energized– Chewable Tea Pearls made using either Matcha, Sencha or Genmaicha Teas.  Japanese research suggests 7 small cups of Japanese green tea throughout your day supports a healthy lifestyle. Each Stay Energized Pearl is equivalent to one 5 ounce cup of tea. When you don’t have time to drink your tea, consider eating it on the go with chewable pearls.

Stay Fit Functional Tea
Stay Fit Tea

Stay Fit – Powdered Sencha and sweet Japanese Persimmon makes adding green tea to your favorite recipes and drinks delicious without adding sugar. Consider mixing up your own super effective tea on the go by simply adding a stick of powdered Stay Fit to your water bottle, shake and drink. By using powdered functional tea in lieu of steeping tea you are also benefiting from some of the many non-water soluble components such as vitamin E.

Stay Focused Functional Tea
Stay Focused Tea

Stay Focused – Research done on Japanese Karigane tea has shown positive effects on memory and ability to focus. You can view part of a Tokyo broadcast video on The Taste of Tea which explains more about the finding. Karigane tea is also the tea found in Stay Beautiful which comes with facial masks to be used with the tea whereas Stay Focused is only the tea for those choosing to simply drink.

Stay Strong Functional Tea
Stay Strong Tea

Stay Strong– Organic Kyoto Bancha is a very special aged tea from the very last and lowest to the earth leaves. Spring teas are sweet and tender compared to Autumn teas which have had more time in the sunshine to develop higher levels of Polyphenols. Quickly steamed and then laid down to age gives Stay Strong lower levels of caffeine, milder acidity and a smooth rich flavor, perfect in times of diminished vitality or when you want to boost your immune system response.

Functional Teas Shinwa
Functional Teas Shinwa Japanese Green Tea . . . more than a beverage!

New research conclude Green Tea is good for mental health

the working brainGreen Tea good for mental health.

Researchers in Switzerland conclude that drinking green tea can have positive effects on your mental health. After a double blind test using 12 volunteers, a group given milk with green tea extract and another without. The group with green tea extract had increase working memory. There are many charts and MRI images presented in this article for anyone who is into that kind of thing. We have always known how we feel as a result of a tea lifestyle. But if you need some medical evidence, this is a quote from the article.


Green tea extract increased the working memory induced modulation of connectivity from the right superior parietal lobule to the middle frontal gyrus. Notably, the magnitude of green tea induced increase in parieto-frontal connectivity positively correlated with improvement in task performance.


Our findings provide first evidence for the putative beneficial effect of green tea on cognitive functioning, in particular, on working memory processing at the neural system level by suggesting changes in short-term plasticity of parieto-frontal brain connections. Modeling effective connectivity among frontal and parietal brain regions during working memory processing might help to assess the efficacy of green tea for the treatment of cognitive impairments in psychiatric disorders such as dementia.
Read the entire article from the March issue of Psychopharmacology

Annual Blessing of the Tea in Kyoto


Ancient Shinto ceremony to bless the tea harvest held each year at Kitano Tenman-gu, Kyoto.  This shrine was built in 947 and has become the shrine that the Japanese students go to to pray for good test scores. Each year, many of the tea farmer and producers around the Kyoto region bring their tea in special tea urns and offer it to the Kamis for a great harvest.  This ceremony dates back hundreds of years.  Usually held in January along with all the other festive traditions honoring the coming of the new year.  Especially tea, Japaneses can not live without it.

All of the urns are placed outside the shrine and are first collectively purified and then each urn is opened and some tea is placed on a dish and taken into the inside alter for the offering to the Kami. The producers are then brought to the center of the alter to formally present the tea and it is then blessed. This is done with each tea. This is a very long process. After the blessing, each participant is escorted to a private room for a reception. Many of them are wearing the traditional Kimono.

I suggest if you are in Kyoto in January, don’t miss this. There are many other ceremonies throughout Japan at this time, keep your eyes open.

I almost forgot, there is very good park behind the shrine with a tea house for refreshments.

kitano tenmanguopening tea urnDisplaying the tea urn

13th Puer Festival/International Tea Convention


13th Puer Festival and 2013 International Tea Convention

If you have never experienced an international event in China, this is how it feels.  You are treated to the best that China has to offer. From the time we landed in Simao (Puer) Airport, we were greeted by beautiful girls dressed in traditional minority costumes and reporters.  Then escorted to our hotel to meet the other dignitaries at a banquet in our honor.  Everything is perfect, each of us are asBeckysigned a student from Puer University who acts as our personal guide and interpreter while we are in the city. By the end of our stay, we fell in love with our guide, her English name was Becky.

Commemorative Puer Each morning we are taken by bus to the event venue as police escort clear the road ahead of us. You get a sense of how important this event is to the Chinese government.

After the formalities of the opening introductions, we have a gala show outside on the square with possibly 20 different ethnic minority groups performing for us on a huge stage. Everything is bigger than life. No time to rest, one event after another all first class. Just enjoy the video, I can’t explain all that took place, you just have to go next time.

At the end, each of the participants were given a gift of a Commemorative Puer Box, containing a Bing, Toucha, and loose leaf puer. Each box and tea are serialized. As you know it is very important to select a special place to age your puers. We have chosen the private alter at the Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America. Our intent is age it there for about 10 years. I can only imagine the chi that it will collect as it rests in such a serene environment.



Solving the Mystery to Enjoying Japanese Green Tea

Mystery to enjoying Japanese Green Tea.

Many Americans don’t like Japanese Green tea. I believe this is due to lack of knowledge about the tea. They are so accustom to black tea or herbal teas that they just over cook the delicate leaves of the Japanese tea. The process by which Japanese tea is made is unique, it is steamed immediately after the harvesting so as to maintain the integrity of the leaf. It is dried and rolled and cut to maintain the true nature of the leaf. When steeped, the leaf cannot withstand the boiling temperature of most teas consumed in America. It requires water temperature around 160 degrees. You don’t need to cook the leaves.

Another thing that most Americans don’t realize is that like wine, if you don’t like the take of a Chardonnay from the central valley, try one from the northern coast. I’m not fond of houji cha from Shizuoka but I love it from Kagoshima. Experiment a little. It’s a lot cheaper than wine.

After watching this video, you should be able to enjoy a great cup of Japanese Green Tea.

If you want to sample good Japanese tea, click here.

This video was created by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture to share its love of tea with the world.

Stay Beautiful Tea Debut at Norma Kamali’s Wellness Cafe NYC


Stay Beautiful Tea debut in NYC’s Norma Kamali Wellness Cafe

New Yorkers were treated to experience a convergence of beauty and wellness from the inside out when the tea docents of The Taste of Tea demonstrated Stay Beautiful Tea at the Norma Kamali Wellness Cafe in midtown Manhattan.

Stay Beautiful Tea is on of the functional tea line called Shinwa, which in Japanese word meaning “the way of the earth in the spirit of a very long time ago,” or “the way it once was,” is pure, organic Karigane, a Japanese green tea grown in the unspoiled hills above Kyoto. High in antioxidants and the stress-relieving amino acid L-theanine, Stay Beautiful Tea has a naturally sweet taste as a beverage. But, says Donna Tokugawa, it is much more than a beverage — and demonstrates how it can be used in personal skincare regiment.

Donna explained in depth the simple yet powerful effects of Japanese green tea applied directly onto the skin.

We are excited to collaborate with Norma Kamali. She shares our passion to bring awareness to lifestyle choices that directly impact wellness. Norma has been a Japanese green tea drinker for many years and embraces sharing her knowledge with others.”

American dermatologists and scientists are beginning to understand what Asian cultures have known for centuries: Shinwa promotes beauty from within. Both a nutraceutical (a food that provides medical or health benefits) and a cosmeceutical (a topical cosmetic product, such as a lotion or oil, with medicinal benefits), Shinwa is a gluten-free, non-toxic internal and external support system for mind, body and skin.

When used as a tea, it’s antioxidants go to work scavenging free radicals, while its active polyphenols and polysaccharides help the skin absorb and retain moisture. Naturally occurring caffeine and tannins give skin a firmer appearance, while the L-theanine promotes relaxation and greater mental clarity. But Shinwa can also be steeped in room-temperature water for just three minutes and then used as a toner or facial mask — making it perhaps the simplest, most versatile wellness and beauty product on the planet.

Shinwa has no preservatives or additives. Green tea helps stabilize collagen and elastin, reduces inflammation, regulates the immune system and promotes enzymatic activity within the body. Consumers can steep just the amount they plan to drink or use, making Shinwa a zero-waste product.

“Norma Kamali’s Wellness Cafe is rooted in products that work,” stated Donna Tokugawa of Chado-En. “She has a passion for floral Mediterranean olive oils, Horst Rechelbacher’s Intelligent Nutrients products, and now Shinwa Japanese green tea. The founders behind each of these brands truly live their brands. It is not just business for any of us. I believe this convergence of passions has the power to affect the world positively.”

Read what a New York blogger Kathy, “it a glam thing” had to say about her experience with Stay Beautiful.
visit http://www.shinwaskincare.com.

Norma Kamali Well-Ness Cafe
Norma Kamali Well-Ness Cafe

The Taste of Tea and Pure Food


The Taste of Tea Docents gather with 20,000 plus Pure Food Enthusiasts

For what is being called the largest gathering in Pure Food history as well as the “World’s Fair of Pure Food“. The Taste of Tea was sampled by more than 2,000 visitors while Tea Docents lead discussions, provided unique tea treatments and shared lifestyle guidance over 3 busy days.  2013 was the 3rd annual Heirloom Exposition packed full of more than 3,000 varieties of Heirloom produce and livestock, 300 pure food vendors and 100 plus speakers. The air was filled with wisdom as anti-GMO activism spread and a feeling of hope blossomed as people began to take control equipped with the knowledge on how to vote with their dollars and choices to change the direction of Monsanto and others who wish to engage in genetic roulette and gamble with our lives. The Taste of Tea is a line of teas sourced by Tea Docents who believe all things are connected so we partner with farmers and producers who share our values and are guided by a deep respect for our planet, valuing people before profits. We were so very inspired to see so much important work being doing by so many passionate, informed and knowledgeable people.  Many brands making the choices to simply “do the right thing” and others with no products at all simply dedicating time, energy and enthusiasm to help make a difference. This was our first year exhibiting and we were so humbled to serve visitors at The Taste of Tea booth from, Africa, Peru, Canada, Mexico, England as well as many out-of-state Americans. Billed as a National event, I can honestly say the Heirloom Exposition is truly an International event!

Visit the website for Heirloom Expo  to see all of the speakers and companies who participated as well as make plans to attend September 2014. There were many people explaining the dangers of GMO’s and what to do. We purchased the DVD produced by Responsible Technology  and if you visit that site you can download a free non-GMO shopping guide. The Taste of Tea offers ONLY non-GMO and mostly Gluten Free Teas, which are all clearly labeled. We have certified and non-certified organics as well as blends which are created using the highest quality raw materials from around the world tested, controlled and blended in Germany. Compliance with EU standards means every tea is certified to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) ensuring a high level of food safety. If you would like to try some of the teas we sampled visit The Taste of Tea and use promo code Heirloom before 12/31/2013 to receive a 20% discount on your tea purchase as our way of introducing you to the taste of tea, selected by Tea Docents who know the source, pay fairly and generously support non-profits focused on wellness through education and leadership.

Listening to Incense with Extraordinary Women


The art of listening to incense was shared in an afternoon retreat of extraordinary women in Sebastopol CA. Held once a month under the guidance of Aimee Lyndon-Adams and Karen Halseth the pair promises an experience packed full of passion, compassion and wisdom saying this. . .

Our time together will focus on:

  1. Releasing … Receive the tools and inspiration that will help you let go of stress, tension, and fatigue
  2. Recharging … Feel exquisite pampering and nurturing and leave feeling re-energized and refreshed
  3. Refilling … Become inspired, educated and renewed with each gathering
  4. Recognizing … Prepare to be honored as the extraordinary woman that you are

And we don’t stop there! But, we know that one way to refill you is to surprise and delight you!

Listening to Incense. . .

Was the most recent surprise. An ancient Japanese art which is closely connected to tea rooted in: Wa-Kei-Sei-Jaku . . . harmony-respect-purity-tranquility

Wa harmony- the ultimate ideal for human beings. It is the positive interaction between people in any situation in life. Koh-Do is the sharing between the host and guest and is not a solitary pursuit.

Kei respect-the ability to understand and accept others, even those who we may be in disagreement with. When we are kind to others, and can humble ourselves, we can receive respect.

Sei puritythe ability to treat oneself and others with a pure and open heart. Purity is not one of absolute cleanliness but one of a pure heart. With a pure heart, harmony and respect can be realized.

 Tranquility– the point in ones training or personal practice where a level of selflessness is reached. While on the one hand it is the ultimate goal, on the other it is the beginning once again. A true master reaches this highest level and then putting the ideals of harmony, respect and purity into practice, and begins again, with a fresh and enlightened heart. Now endless possibilities of life can be realized.


listening to incense
Listening to Incense Shoyeido Japanese Incense Image


How to Set-Up Listening to Incense Game

Our group is divided into 3 smaller groups pulled together in circles.

Three different incense are lite, with only one given to each group and then passed from one to another within each group.

One person in the group serves as the host or scribe and captures the feelings, thoughts, emotions each scent provokes for each person. This should take about 5 minutes and then the bowls are passed from one group to another and repeated.

After about 15 minutes each group will have several notes for each incense stick. From there they will together decide which stick more closely represents each of the elements, Wa, Kei Sei. The three groups share their findings and then an overall determination is reached for each.

What is the Value of this Game?

Art forms such as the tea ceremony, flower arrangement, archery, calligraphy and incense ceremony are often referred to as taking lessons or play. Play however does not simply mean an extravagant pastime for the rich or something in which only children engage. Far from it. What, then, is the value and significance of activities that we ordinarily call play? Some of the reasons for play include;

  • discharging superabundant energy
  • relaxing after exertion
  • training for the demands of life
  • compensating for unfulfilled longing
  • acting on an innate urge to exercise a certain faculty.

But if we look a little deeper, as with children who take their playing seriously, they eventually step out of reality or confuse the world of play with that of reality. Play can be serious and may even rise to heights of beauty and sublime. Play casts a spell over us; it is enchanting and captivating and brings us to rhythm and harmony. Does that seem familiar? Play enriches our lives by allowing us to grow mentally. The practice of the way of Koh provides an exercise in sense-ability or mental expansion.

Although there is no “right answer” the creators of this game choose as follows:

Wa harmony is the green stick evoking clarity and harmony ever-present in the tea garden.

Kei respect is dusty rose, respect that arises from the river path and practiced in the tearoom.

Sei purity is the lavender stick purity which comes from refinement and compassion as seen in a teapot.

Thank you for playing Listening to Incense with us, please feel free to share this game with others.   We sincerely hope this experience has inspired Wa-Kei-Sei-Jaku for this artistic expression of impermanence, humility and imperfection is the Way of Koh and Tea.


Extraordinary Women Afternoon Retreat
Extraordinary Women Afternoon Retreat
Extraordinary Women Tai Tokugawa and Karen Halseth
Extraordinary Women Tai Tokugawa and Karen Halseth


Tai Tokugawa and Karen Halseth Afternoon Retreat
Tai Tokugawa and Karen Halseth Afternoon Retreat

Extraordinary Women Gather on the last Wednesday of every month.

See what will be happening next month at Afternoon Retreats

Do you know an extraordinary woman? Are YOU an extraordinary woman? Tells us about her/you here now!