Wagashi – Japanese Green Tea Cakes.

Tradition in Japan is to always serve tea cakes whenever offering tea to guest. A whole art form developed around the offering of these delicate tea cakes. Many things must be considered when selecting just the right tea cake to accompany a specific tea. Not only the tea but the season and the time of day. Very difficult to be a host in Japan. At least now you can go to the department store and buy good seasonal tea cakes.
I think this video gives you a since of how the Japanese feel about the offering of tea cakes. It’s not just about the sweet tooth.

Japanese tea cakes

Japanese tea cakes

I’m sorry I have no good references for getting the traditional tea cakes in the Bay Area. I use to work for one, Yamada Seikai. He was a master, long retired now.
The best I can do for you is to try Toraya Confectionary in Japan.

This video was created by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture to share its love of all things tea with the world.

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