Green Tea Ice Cream


Green Tea Ice Cream is made using Stay Fit Green Tea Powder  which is an Organic Sencha and Persimmon from Japan. No sugar added.

Stay Fit Green Tea Ice Cream
Stay Fit Green Tea Ice Cream

Most Green Tea Ice Creams and Cakes, Cookie etc are made using Matcha, another powdered green tea from Japan. However Matcha was never made or intended to be used in this way. The

bitter attribute that is sought after in enjoying Matcha as a ceremonial drink often served with a very sweet Japanese Wagashi (traditional sweets to match the seasons) is exactly what makes it not the best choice for cooking.  I believe the reason it was used in cooking is both there were not many powdered alternative choices and the health benefits of consuming the entire leaf from a powdered tea are greater than simply drinking green tea.

Non-Dairy Green Tea Ice Cream

1 Qt of Organic Oat Milk with Vanilla (Pacific Brand is our favorite)

4 Stay fit green tea powdered sticks.

Pour the oat milk in to a mixing bowl and add the stay fit green tea.

Mix or blend the mixture until no clumps are visible.

Pour the content into an ice cream maker and about 20 minutes later. . .

Da Ta a healthy alternative Green Tea Ice Cream.  Remember that it has no dairy products so it will be more like a sherbet. Add fruits to compliment the dish.
If you do not have an ice cream maker, you can just put the mixture in the freezer and dish it out like an Ice.

Green Tea Ice Cream
Green Tea Ice Cream


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