Saturday, October 1, 2022

tea leaf

What value is a tea leaf after a cup of tea?

Have you ever thought about the value of a tea leaf after you have enjoyed your cup of tea? Turns out a tea leaf's value...

Wagashi-The Art of Japanes Tea Cakes

Wagashi - Japanese Green Tea Cakes. Tradition in Japan is to always serve tea cakes whenever offering tea to guest. A whole art form developed...

Japanese Tea Inspired Poetry

  Japanese Tea Inspired Poetry in Shizuoka where Tea is more than a beverage. Here in the home of Mr. Maejima-san who is a 3rd generation...

Tea Growing Regions of Japan

Tea Growing Regions of Japan. Tea is grown almost everywhere in Japan Commercially and privately. What is presented on this video are some of the...

4 Ways to Harvest Tea in Japan

Tea Harvesting in Japan. 4 ways in which Japanese harvest tea. Hand harvesting Some classical teas are still be harvested by hand as has been the...

Making of a great Gyokuro

An interview with Tohei Maejima -  3rd generation Gyokuro Master from the Shizuoka Region.   Mr. Maejima is a world champion Gyokuro Master 3 years in a...

Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Tea Exporter Association Video Japanese Green Tea processing is unique in the industry. The Japanese Tea Exporter Association created a video to promote Japanese...
Healing Tea wonder Plant

Why Loose is Best

Stay Loose - for  Taste, Health, and Sustainability! There is only one reason for the existance of tea bags; strickly for convenience. On the other...

Solving the Mystery to Enjoying Japanese Green Tea

Mystery to enjoying Japanese Green Tea. Many Americans don't like Japanese Green tea. I believe this is due to lack of knowledge about the...