Wednesday, July 15, 2020

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Green Tea Cake Recipe

matcha roll cake
  Green Tea Cake is fast, easy and oh So Delicious! Here is what you will need and how to make it. Green Tea Cake Ingredients 6 large eggs 3.5 oz flour 1/5 cup of olive oil 1/6 cup of milk 4 sticks of Stay Fit Green Tea Powder  Cream Filling Ingredients 1 3/5...

2HJ – 300 Food Packages Every Week for Evacuees

Update on Second Harvest Japan -2HJ support Second Harvest Japan (2HJ) has started sending food packages to people in Minami Sanriku since June. In this project, our volunteers make some 300 food packages at 2HJ's Tokyo office every Thursday. 2HJ distributes the packages to about...

Making of a great Gyokuro

An interview with Tohei Maejima -  3rd generation Gyokuro Master from the Shizuoka Region.   Mr. Maejima is a world champion Gyokuro Master 3 years in a row. We arrived at his tea garden just as he was finishing covering up one of his fields with the...

Why Loose is Best

Healing Tea wonder Plant
Stay Loose - for  Taste, Health, and Sustainability! There is only one reason for the existance of tea bags; strickly for convenience. On the other hand, there are a multitude of reasons for using loose leaf teas all of which have to do with flavor,...

500 Years of Crafting Tea

Today we were able to spend time with Kanabayashi-san, a tea friend who is the 16th Generation President of a 500 year old tea company! Kanabayashi's ancestors were personal friends of the great tea master Sen-no-Rikyu who you can see in the scroll behind...

Stay Beautiful FunctionalTea

Stay Beautiful Functional Teas Tea Docent Says  Stay Beautiful Functional Tea, a Japanese Green Tea..."You deserve it! Daily luxurious tea rituals - used on your skin AND in your body are the secret to looking and feeling younger instantly. Reducing the appearance of fine lines to...

Stay Energized Functional Tea – Matcha

Stay Energized Japanese Green Tea... More than a beverage Functional Teas. Tea Docent Says "Experience the Magic of tea in a chewable Matcha pearl.Find the energy to stay energized and follow your bliss with these emerald pearls of wisdom.  Convenient daily serving package of 7 pearls is...

Green Tea Mixer

Simple Solution Shaker Companion to the "Stay Fit" Functional Tea. Tea Docent says "Shake your own green tea sake for a uniquely Japanese experience. Enhance your favorite recipes or take your mixer with you wherever you go to accent meals and drinks throughout the day....

Stay Strong Functional Tea

Stay stong tea
Stay Strong Functional Teas Tea Docent Says "During times of diminished vitality or when you want to boost your immune system response to Stay Strong, this “aged” green tea can enhance your well-being.. The gently powerful benefits of anti-oxidants found in Stay Strong can help your...

Stay Clear FunctionalTea

Stay Clear Japanese Green Tea... More than a beverage Functional Teas. Tea Docent Says "Changes of season can bring itchy eyes and runny noses. But, relief is at hand with Stay Clear functional tea. This special offering from the Organic Garden! Enjoy a cup of this soothing,...