Tea Lifestyle Journal

Tea Lifestyle Journal  is all about adding tea into your life as more than a beverage.  It is written for those who wish to achieve a higher level of being, who enjoys some of the finer things in life, has a curiosity about rituals and cultures, a appreciation for art and the arts, loves food; eating, creating and sharing as well as an insatiable appetite for traveling both in reality and from your comfy chair. Tea Lifestyle Journal  currently has three contributors who each take the title of Tea Docent, Why because it is our desire to serve as a guide. You will meet us a little later.

Viewing Tea Though a Lifestyle Lens

When we share tea lifestyle here, there will be lots of photos and so have have defined the areas you might find most interesting using the metaphor of the camera lens so you can quickly focus on specifics or take in a full view, for example:

Gourmet lens shows you how to pair and share tea with food, how chefs are using tea and new DIY Recipes for you to enjoy.

Well-being lens will focus on your Health, Fitness, Beauty and Spiritual concerns.  

People and Places reveals interesting people and cool locations sharing and enjoying tea, some from around the world, some from the San Francisco Bay Area where the Tea Docents call home.   Of course tea has inspired many forms of –

Art so we will serve as your Docent as together we share some of ours and look forward to seeing yours.

Tips Lens is the vision for all the How To’s and stuff you simply need to know. Finally because you might want to know, we will do our best to comply tea

News from around the world for you to quickly review.  Tea Lifestyle Journal Tea Lifestyle Journal will give you plenty of facts but the real focus will be a lifestyle with tea.

Tai Tokugawa
General Manager

Please meet the Tea Docents. . .

We humbly consider ourselves “experts”
and students of the leaf!

We believe tea is more than a beverage.

Wisdom, rituals and beliefs gathered by studying thousands of years of tea lifestyle around the world, forms the basis for

information, affirmation and inspiration the Tea Docents share.

Chado-En means the Way of Tea Gardens, it is a family tea business. We have two brands

Cha no Aji or The Taste of Tea. You will find teas from Japan, China and Taiwan and our blends crafted in Germany. Next. . .

Shinwa Japanese Green Tea more than a beverage.

Shinwa means the way it once was, honoring a time infused with tea healing wisdom.

Today Shinwa is a line of Functional Teas from Japan which have specific attributes which may positively affect healthy living.

Because all of our teas are loose leaf we designed a glass steeping cup we call Stay Loose to help make tea more convenient in busy times.

Nez Tokugawa
Nez Tokugawa

Donna Tokugawa
Donna Tokugawa

The Taste of TEa

In addition we are found in some of the best restaurants, spas, wellness centers, resorts and retailers. You will never find us at a big box store. We collect and offer tea much like wine with attention to terroir, seasonality and the art of crafting. Tea Docents believe all things are connected so we partner with farmers and produces who share our values and are guided by a deep respect for the planet. We hope you will try our teas and experience what just might be one of the most affordable luxuries turned necessity!
It is our honor to serve as your guide and we look forward to learning from you too so please share and comment, this blog is intended to be a place where we can connect and share the Tea Lifestyle.

With Gratitude

Your Tea Docents