British Wine Master Jasper Morris is fascinated by the parallels of wine and tea.  He was spotted in Hong Kong with Wall Street Journal’s Asian Markets Editor Jake Lee sipping both Big Red Wines and Bold Aged Puer Tea. This meeting was captured on video and posted by the Wall Street Journal in their online newspaper, so I am sorry to say you need to see the 15 second ad first, not my choice!  Take a look now – I’ll wait 🙂

I so loved that exchange, didn’t you? It was fast paced and right to the point. I also appreciated the captions supporting their cute accents.   I would like to expand on this a little more, since it do go so quickly and you might have missed something.  So lets recap:

1. Sipping and Slurping is required in Both Wine and Tea tasting.

2. Spitting is only regularly done in Wine tasting and rarely a necessity with Tea tasting, even though one can become both Tea and Wine drunk after tasting too much.

3. Attention to terror and vintage AKA where it was grown and how old they are is important to know with both Wine and Tea.

4. Both Wine and Tea can give us first a taste, then an aroma and then a more complex taste – that is so awesome!

5. Tea and Wine should both first give a pleasing mouth feel, then aroma and then a lingering aftertaste after the swallow. Now that you know, we won’t miss that again.

6. Varietal variety from optimal varieties is used by masters of both Wine and Tea to create beautiful, balanced, blends, but can only be read aloud before drinking wine.

7. An addiction the collecting unique cups, glasses, teapots or carafe is a serious risk to drinking both Wine and Tea.

8. Tea and Wine have both made the news with lots of attributes that support healthy benefits.

9. Knowing the perfect drinking temperature makes both Tea and Wine more enjoyable.

and last on this short list of Wine and Tea parallels is. . .

10. Both Wine and Tea have everyday options as well as highly collectible choices, so finding the perfect one for each occasion is fun and an ever-expanding learning process!

What is your favorite wine, Red White or Blush?  How about tea, Green, Black or Oolong? How about a blooming tea in a wine glass?

Using ONLY heat-tempered wine stem Enjoy beautiful teas!

Using ONLY heat-tempered wine stem Enjoy beautiful teas!






About the author : Donna Tokugawa

I am the co- founder of Chado-En, a niche family tea business. We appreciate teas much like wines and in doing so discovered tea is much more than a beverage. We offer tea at and provide direct wholesale support to a variety of companies. is where Tea Docents Nez, and Tai Tokugawa join me sharing the lifestyle of tea.

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